Posted by: legaltranslations | October 31, 2009

Work in translation agency

Work in translation agency can be very interesting, but it also depends on how big is a translation agency. In small translation agency work can be a bit more interesting, because many times can you do different tasks and that’s a little bit more interesting than if you have to do every day the same tasks. One can also learn a lot on the job in this way and gets to know all parts of translation process, which can also make one a better translator. It also helps in getting the work later on, as one knows then how the decisions for translators are made inside the translation agency.

Posted by: legaltranslations | October 28, 2009

Similarity of mobile phones

I recently bought a new phone for me personally (for company I use BlackBerry Bold). I found it quite amazing how similar the phones are today when compared to state a few years ago. Because then you could easily see a Sony Ericsson or a Nokia from far away. Today, the phones are so similar that the companies will have great difficulty in mass-market differentiation. Only smart phones still offer the possibility that some companies differentiate themselves (for example, with the iPhone, BlackBerry, and some Nokia models).

Posted by: legaltranslations | October 28, 2009

Translation agency

Translation agency is a company that offers translations. Translation agency can offer many different translation services: medical translation services, technical translation services, legal translation services ,…. Translation agency can also offer many language combinations for its clients: English-German, English-Spanish, English-French, English-Italian, English-Dutch ,…. Of course, prices for these different translation services can be different.